About ASM Sports

Since its inception in 2007, ASM Sports has maintained its target of aiming to provide schools, clubs and the wider community with expert sports-related provision.

Our Philosophy is unique in that we try to extend our delivery beyond just promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to this our objective has always been to highlight the importance of integrating educational and social aspects in tandem with each child’s physical well-being.

Many of our coaches are active sport participants, indeed some have competed at a professional level. Whilst not a pre-requisite for good coaching standards I believe that this practical experience gives our team an advantage in providing high-quality delivery.

We believe that we can assist children in their learning and development at both ends of the spectrum. Our coaches understand what each individual requires, whether they are a novice or experienced. This understanding is vital in establishing a practical program that is adjusted to suit each child’s individual needs.

Our long-term vision is to maintain the up-skilling of our staff so that we can extend and diversify the services that we offer to existing and new partners. By following this blueprint we are confident that we can continue to commit to our ethos of…

...Delivering All Your Sporting Needs

Sports Coaching Fundacats