Education - Coaches

Education - Coaches

Our management team place great emphasis on improving the quality of our coaches. We are passionate about creating an excellent learning environment for our children and this can only be achieved by ensuring our team is armed with a multitude of coaching skills.

The dynamics of teaching Physical Education and School Sport are forever changing. New activities are consistently introduced, assessment objectives are periodically adjusted and the social backgrounds of children increasingly more diverse… These are just some of the reasons why we at ASM Sports believe in maintaining the up-skilling of our coaches in all physical, social and educational aspects.

We ensure that this is achieved through enrolling our team into workshops that are specifically designed to educate coaches on the correct way of ‘teaching’ within the school framework. Additionally our coaches consistently add to their coaching qualifications through regularly undertaking coaching courses in new sports and activities. This allows us to provide our working partners with coaching of a high variety and quality.

All our team hold...

  • Enhanced CRB Disclosures
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Child Protection Qualifications