Extended Schools Activities (ESA)

This service allows children the opportunity to participate in activities which are expertly organised and supervised. Our bespoke ESA delivery is designed to increase participation and encourage positive attitudes towards exercise. Our sessions are also structured to aid social interaction and to stimulate academic performance.

  • Builds self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership
  • Improves concentration and behaviour in lessons
  • Provides children with the opportunity to make new friends
  • Develops pathways to local sports clubs
  • Encourages children to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Creates opportunities for children lacking in sports-specific experience

Breakfast Clubs

This club provides children with the perfect way to start their day. We concentrate on delivering activities that activate their technical skills in addition to enhancing their general physical movements. However, the benefits of running this type of club are not exclusively physical and technical. Additional advantages include children being mentally prepared for the academic lessons that follow throughout the school day.

Lunch Clubs

Our lunch-time delivery predominantly focuses on organised-play. We strive to introduce activities which allow the children to ‘let off steam’ during their well-earned break. These activities are structured to give children the opportunity to further express themselves outside the boundaries of a regular PE lesson.

Many of our schools who use this service have commented on the noticeable improvements in pupil behaviour when the afternoon lessons resume.

After School Clubs

These clubs give children an opportunity to further enhance their sporting education in an organised and safe environment. This relieves the pressure on teachers as our coaches are fully responsible for the design and supervision of each session.

ASM Sports are fully committed to helping schools achieve the 5-hour offer. Our program covers an extensive range of sports that are tailored according to the group requirements. All activities within the club are designed to stimulate, captivate and enlighten all participants.

Our aim is to educate the children so that they develop an improved understanding of sport specific skills through game-play whilst also promoting enjoyment, teamwork, leadership and fair play.