Fundamentals & Multi-skills Delivery

We believe that the FUNdamentals and Multi-Skills should be prioritised as the single-most important physical program for foundation and KS1 children. This delivery gives young people a sound grounding in Physical Literacy. They will encounter a range of activities which aim to improve their basic movement and non-sport-specific actions in a fun, challenging and enjoyable environment. We develop these actions via the three key movement components that underpin these principles – Agility, Balance and Coordination.

Sports Coaching Exercises

We help with the design delivery and structure of all Multi-Skills programs within several School Sports Partnerships. We also run numerous initiatives within Nurseries and Children Centre's, with all activities tailored to get to get the best out of the children that we target. This delivery follows EYFS and ECM guidelines in order to ensure that all objectives can be successfully met.

We guarantee that our experience, advice and guidance in this specialist area will ensure that a correct program is adhered to in accordance with the age and capabilities of all your children.