Schools Sports Services

PPA Cover

ASM Sports provide regular teaching cover for schools during their Planning, Preparation & Assessment time. We deliver a school-specific program (via PEDPASS) that is educational and age appropriate whilst also structured in accordance with National Curriculum and QCA guidelines.

Our schemes of work are designed to stimulate children of all abilities through ensuring that all core PE units are progressively taught and adequately cover key learning outcomes. We strive to provide lessons which not only improve the physical well-being of a child but to also aid the development of their numeracy/literacy skills, self-esteem and confidence. All lessons are supported by a session plan that meets the needs of the Every Child Matters (ECM) policy as well as covering all OFSTED requirements.

Regular liaising with members of staff at your school helps ASM Sports to understand exactly what your school requires. We constantly evaluate the content and quality of our delivery which ensures we can continue to exceed expectations with regard to fulfilling your PE curriculum.

Supply Cover

Our highly qualified coaching team is able to supply cover for your school. Our coaches will arrive prepared with the correct equipment and necessary resources to assist them in the delivery of lessons that offer enjoyment and variety.

Our session plans are developed in line with guidelines laid down by both the National Curriculum and QCA, ensuring that your pupils are able to achieve all the key learning outcomes through high quality teaching standards.

Choosing ASM Sports for your supply cover ensures your school receive a professional service at a reasonable rate, a high standard of provision and a coach that is able to offer control, structure and organisation within the school environment.

Assessment Reports

In addition to our PPA Cover we can also provide the school with a comprehensive progress report on each child that we deliver the program to.

Our KS1 reports focus on the FUNdamentals of each child’s learning with particular emphasis placed on their Agility, Balance and Coordination skills. Our evaluation process for KS2 children provides a more in-depth analysis of every child’s performance for each unit of work. We monitor their ability to…

  • Acquire and develop skills
  • Select and apply skills, tactics & compositional ideas
  • Display knowledge and understanding of fitness & health
  • Evaluate and improve performance

This service is an excellent tool to access as all areas of assessment (above) are consistent with the Planning Sheets that we stringently follow during each unit of work. As a result many of our schools integrate these assessments into each child’s annual school reports.